Web Application Penetration Testing

We are ready to assess your web applications’ security using one of Black Box, Grey Box or White Box approaches.

Web Application Testing

Web applications are essential for any business, and they are where organizations create their differences for their customers. These applications include websites, application servers and databases. They may hold or process sensitive data including logins, user data, and financial information. Due to the increasing complexity of web applications and use of readily available easy-to-use web frameworks and tools, cybercriminals are finding more vulnerabilities that can be exploited. It is for this reason that web application testing and security is essential for all businesses.

Does my web application need a test?

Application tests provide great visibility on the security of platforms in everyday use, whether it’s client-facing or an internal system.

They are often at the forefront of companies’ digital landscape and more than likely to be the immediate target of a malicious adversary. Ensuring the security of mission-critical applications maintains a strong security posture and ensures the business can continue to run operations at all times.