Risk Assessments

Effective security starts with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities and risks. Paradigm Security help customers by performing a Risk Assessment, identifying all documented security controls, and comparing them against an existing framework or multiple frameworks. We can also help you build a universal information security and risk management framework from scratch, based on all compliance standards and requirements you have (ISO 27001, NIST, PCI-DSS, SWIFT CSP, COBIT, EBA, GDPR)

Cybersecurity must be addressed at several levels and requires multidisciplinary expertise, which our consultants provide. Our specialties include infrastructure, cloud, application and information security services.

This expertise enables our team to determine the likelihood of any threat, prioritize action plans, recommend security measures and implement solutions.

We apply a time-tested methodology, where we:

  • Look at current areas of exposure and any past security incidents to identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Interview employees and other key individuals for critical insights and information about processes, policies and procedures
  • Provide a gap analysis to isolate areas, where your security program does not meet industry best practices
  • Make recommendations and guide you in implementing measures to mitigate vulnerabilities to reduce your risk.

Evaluate Risks.

What is a Risk Assessment?

Establishing a defined set of requirements for IT Security ensures a strong foundation on which an effective governance programme can be built. IT Security and Risk Assessments are designed to help customers understand their current IT Security maturity. As part of the assessment, Paradigm Security reviews your IT assets, and IT & Business processes to evaluate the associated risks, allowing your organization to understand what issues your organization may run into and what actions you may want to prioritize.