Source Code Reviews

We perform security code reviews to help you find potential security vulnerabilities in your source code. Most security problems are caused by critical vulnerabilities in applications. Code reviews identify security gaps in the source code thus minimizing potential risks earliest in your Secure SDLC processes.

A security code review process is a main step in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) used to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. If security vulnerabilities are not detected and addressed early in the development lifecycle, the cost of remediating these vulnerabilities increases exponentially.

Our experts will analyze the source code of your applications and identify security issues, providing your team with the root causes and remediation options needed to improve the security posture of your applications.

Paradigm Security experts will use automated tools and manual techniques to complete the review process. We work with all the automated security code review tools present on the market today.

Our team uses the OWASP standard as a reference during the review combined with practical experience in conducting them.

Why is a Source Code Review necessary?

Source Code Review is the line-by-line assessment of the application codebase so that any security flaws or backdoors left in the coding of the application can be identified and patched at the earliest. Our source code review services help the development teams quickly identify and eradicate potential risks before they advance to the application production phase, minimizing the risks.

Today’s web applications use a bundle of features for better customer experience. Some of these features come from publicly available open-source code snippets which contain vulnerabilities. The code snippets, if not carefully used and integrated with the rest of the web application can create an avalanche effect for the vulnerabilities they introduce and eventually bring the entire application to a halt.

Source Code Review Methodology

We provide your organization with security experts having vast software development experience in different coding environments (Java, .NET, Android, Swift).