TISAX Compliance: The Essential Guide for Automotive Suppliers

Gain a competitive edge in the automotive supply chain by learning everything about TISAX: compliance, its benefits, assessment levels, and how to achieve it.


In today’s data-driven automotive industry, robust information security is paramount. That’s where TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) comes in. This article provides a comprehensive guide for automotive suppliers seeking to understand and achieve TISAX compliance.

What is TISAX?

TISAX is a standardized information security assessment and exchange mechanism specifically designed for the automotive industry. It allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to data security and facilitates trust within the supply chain. By achieving TISAX compliance, you can:

Boost Credibility: Showcase your organization’s maturity in handling sensitive information, exceeding industry expectations.

Enhance Partnerships: Demonstrate your capability to safeguard confidential data exchanged with automotive partners, fostering stronger relationships.

Streamline Information Exchange: Ensure proper information handling practices, minimizing misunderstandings and security risks.

Understanding TISAX Assessment Levels

TISAX offers three assessment levels tailored to the complexity of a supplier’s operations and the sensitivity of processed data:

Level 1 (Self-Assessment): Ideal for standard suppliers with a lower risk profile. Requires completing a self-assessment questionnaire and publishing it on the TISAX platform.

Level 2 (Plausibility Check): Applicable to moderately complex suppliers. Involves a self-assessment followed by random phone checks by an approved auditor for verification.

Level 3 (On-Site Audit): Mandatory for suppliers handling highly sensitive data. This level entails a comprehensive on-site inspection by an accredited auditor based on the self-assessment.

The TISAX Assessment Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Achieving TISAX compliance involves a well-defined process:

  1. Classification:OEMs/clients classify suppliers based on data sensitivity.
  2. Registration:Suppliers register with ENX, the TISAX Association, specifying their scope.
  3. Auditor Selection & Assessment:An external auditor conducts the assessment based on the chosen level.
  4. Report Generation:The assessed company receives a detailed report from the TISAX auditor.
  5. Vulnerability Remediation:The company addresses any identified security vulnerabilities.
  6. Report Upload:The completed report is uploaded to the TISAX platform for exchange (only with explicit consent from the assessed company).

TISAX vs. ISO 27001: Key Differences

While both TISAX and ISO 27001 focus on information security, they cater to distinct needs:

Industry Focus Automotive Industry Specific Generic
Mandatory May be required by contracts Not mandatory
Information Security Deep focus on third-party information security Focuses on overall company information security
Exchange System Online platform for exchanging assessment results Manual exchange of certificates
Security Controls Specific controls for automotive needs Generic controls (ISO 27001 Annex A)
Label/Certificate Maturity level achieved based on ongoing improvement Achieved upon completion of all conformity fixes
Assessment Process Maturity levels define effectiveness No concept of maturity levels
Ongoing Maintenance Re-assessments every 3 years Annual surveillance audits required


How Paradigm Security Can Help You Achieve TISAX Compliance

Our team of cybersecurity experts possesses in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry’s unique security challenges. We offer a comprehensive range of TISAX compliance services, including:

Initial Assessments: Evaluate your current security posture and identify areas for improvement.

Gap Analysis: Determine the differences between your existing practices and TISAX requirements.

VDA ISA Revalidation: Support the revalidation of your VDA Information Security Assessment.

Certification Support: Guide you through the entire TISAX certification process.

Remediation Assistance: Help you address any identified vulnerabilities to achieve compliance.

Our Approach

By partnering with Paradigm Security, you gain a trusted advisor to navigate the TISAX compliance journey. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and unlock the competitive advantage that TISAX compliance offers in the automotive industry.